Hi there lovelies, welcome back to my blog. I have been quite active on my Instagram lately so do check my feed out @glowingchronicle. Anyway, today I will share with you my opinion about Petitfee Hydrogel Eye Mask. This is the first hydrogel eye mask I have ever used so let’s dive in shall we?

Disclaimer: This blog is merely where I share my opinions about product that I have tried. I cannot guarantee what works for me will work for you. So please PATCH TEST all the products if you know you have sensitive skin, or stay away from those that has alcohol and strong fragrance if you cannot stand those.

As I mentioned earlier, I have never tried any other hydrogel eye patch. But I have tried other hydrogel facial mask and I roughly know what the texture is like.


“The premium combination of black pearl and pure gold powder helps improve blood circulation for a radiant, rosy glow. The patches are soaked in a blend of green tea, mugwort and tangerine extracts concentrated into a rich essence. These lavish ingredients rejuvenate tired skin and dull eye bags for a brighter and healthier look.”


There are 60 patches in this tub, soaked with essence and a spatula is provided. The tub is a screw top sealed with aluminum seal when first open. I do keep this seal on to prevent essence from evaporating or leaking.


The Packaging


This smells quite mild, not overpowering, but definitely remind me of something soapy. But since it is quite faint, I do not mind the scent that much.

How to use?

After washing and toning, take out the patch using the spoon included in the package. Apply the patch on the under eyes and leave for 30 minutes. Pat lightly for better absorption.

Tip: Refrigerate patches for a more refreshing and cooling effect.

I however use this after my sheet mask, before my night cream and sleeping pack.


As any other hydrogel patch, these little patches feel like jelly and go on super cooling on face, even when I did not keep my tub in the fridge. The cooling sensation lasted super long and it felt super good and relaxing under the eyes. The color is dark grey with sparkling gold glitter and it is so pretty under direct light. The hydrogel patch will get thinner and thinner when essence are absorbed fully, and becomes this ultra thin piece of jelly at the end. I guess the patch is really partially made out of all the essence and that is super cool. I like to recycle and flip to the other side half way through to use on my laugh line or to calm any red hot pimple.

Processed with VSCO

2 eye patches after use

Processed with VSCO

It became super thin after all the essence is absorbed


I love love these eyes patches. It is super hydrating and comfy on, sit well and does not slip everywhere. After using, my under eye area feel plump and hydrating, without too much essence or any heaviness, as compared to using an eye cream. 60 patches can last you for 2 months if you use daily, and at such an affordable price, it is quite a good product to invest in.

Rating: 4/5

  1. This item should be taken off the market (may cause irritation)
  2. This item is not doing its job well
  3. Meh! Not good or bad
  4. Pretty good! Will consider repurchase unless I find something better
  5. I love this and cannot live without it


I personally love this hydrogel eye patch. Already purchase as gifts for friends and my mother, even though this is the first eye patch I try. Might look around and try other patches to have better comparison.

Where to get it?

I believe you can get this from MEMEBOX (16 USD) 100ml

I got mine here on Qoo10 Gmarket  (affiliated link) (28 USD) 180ml

I hope this sharing help. Thank you for spending time reading my blog. Do leave a comment below so that we can share our thought 🙂

Go get that Glow,

The Glowing Chronicle

Disclaimer: I bought all of these items by myself, unless stated otherwise, and I am not paid in any way to give my feedback. This is my honest opinions for the products. For more information, check out my disclaimer.




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