Today is a little bit different, as I am not sharing with you any product review, but rather, an overview on which Youtubers to follow when you are interested in Asian Beauty skincare and makeup products. Most of them focus more towards skincare, and they are all English-speaking Youtubers 🙂

1. Joan from JOANKEEM


Now Joan is on the top of my list because she is always very straightforward when it comes to product review, and also, the minimalist settings, the white background and the overall minimal aesthetics of her channel 🙂 And I love her voice. She features many products for acne-prone skin, that;s why I can relate to and take several recommendations from her. Also those products she suggested are pretty affordable, which is a huge plus.



Gothamista focuses mainly on skincare, which I absolutely love. Though she has more mature skin type, the video always explain very carefully from ingredients to how to use and what to look for in certain types of products. Very insightful. Better yet, her video and lighting is absolutely on point on the minimal aesthetics. Ya ya I know enough with me and my minimalistic maniac nonsense haha, but this is a huge plus for me when I take time watching youtube videos 🙂

3. Jenn Im from clothesencounters


Now Jenn is absolutely famous for her fashion segments, but she does have a fair amount of video features on beauty products, including K-beauty. And her voice is so soothing, with bonus of her bubbly characters. Videos editing is incredible quality with a lot of efforts in her footage and super professional. She is absolutely my favourite Youtuber, but because of the relevance of this post, she only ranked #3 😦

4. Morgan from TheBeautyBreakdown


Morgan features a lot of review from many Asian Beauty brands. And boy she is super consistent with the amount of videos she uploaded weekly. A very hardworking Youtuber in my opinion 🙂 Her voice is a little bit high (sorry Morgan), but she always provide review with great details and very fun to follow through 🙂

5. Edward from Edward Avila


Edward is a funny guy. He features many products that gear towards oily sensitive and acne-prone skin, and also several makeup video. Very sarcastic, but very funny with several mockery on Youtubers and the trends in Korea. Well I do appreciate and find his joke entertaining 🙂

6. Rachel from Rachel’s Beauty Talk


Rachel has almost identical skin type with me, oily combo and acne prone. I love all her haul and favourites, and the products she recommends, highly likely will work super well on my skin too. Her video audio quality however can be a little soft sometimes, but I do enjoy the lighting and video editing. Very informative channel.

7. BiiBii from BiiBiiBeauty


Now BiiBii does not upload as regularly as other Youtubers, but her videos are greatly edited and has super awesome contents. She did an amazing series on her acne story and that helped me a lot in finding the right products for my own skin problem also. She now got back to Australia after spending time in Korea, and probably in Japan next if I am not wrong 🙂

8. Doris from Lookmazing


Another Youtuber with both fashion and beauty focus, but Doris has very nice white and minimal settings also. However, my only complain is that her voice is very soft and a little bit broken, which makes it hard to follow sometimes. But she always suggested amazing products with very detailed and beautiful settings (did I say that like a million time already :P) I love her channel.

9. Jen from Meejmuse 🙂


Jen has a very cute accent. And she tried so many products I havent gone through all her videos yet. And she has this cute little bird (parrot?) that is also an entertainer on the channel. She has a cool interaction program a while ago on Instagram, whereby you can vote which product you would like her to review next. Interesting contents and great settings. Thumbs up to Jen.

10. Jeannie from MissElectraHeart


Jeannie is one of the younger Youtubers, and her recommendation gears towards more teenage skin. She has great haul video and several makeup tutorial to look at also. Her skin type, again, is similar to mine so I very much appreciate her sharing.

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

These 7 Youtubers are new to me, and I am slowly getting to know about their channels and contents, but given my criteria on minimal settings and informative recommendation, they kinda rank about the same so I am interested to explore and spend time watching their videos.





Belle from Beauty By Belle


Soyoung from Soyoung Diaries






Sunny from Sunnydahye



Kim Dao from kimdao




Charlotte Cho of SOKOGLAM has been famous for her K-beauty curation in the States, but she only launched her Youtube Channel recently. And even though her channel is new, the content and editing is top-notch. I know I should not recommend a commercial site, but their videos really deserved the limelight.



The channel has really good recommendations for every single skin types, which is a huge effort of the team and I really appreciate. Also, they introduced their deals here so that you can get products on their site at a more affordable price. The site now focus more towards promoting K-culture also which makes this channel more entertaining.


Honourable Mention – Michelle Phan


Now you must be thinking, am I out of my mind for putting Queen Michelle at the last of this list? Hear me out. Michelle videos are of professional level and she owns an entire studio dedicated for her video making as well as platforms for younger youtubers who just start up. The problem is, even though she has several makeup video, not that many focus on skincare, and not always K-beauty products. That does not mean I do not love her channel though. Her content are super well thought through, and it starts to be more serious, gearing to career and professional life also. A very well-rounded channel to check out if you are interested.


Phew, that was a lot of information. I sure hope I did not overload you with these and make you become a Youtube addict like me (evil laugh haha). Anyway, enjoy your huge dosage of Youtbe recommendation, and I will see you again in my next post. Do not hesitate to put down recommendation for me also. The more the merrier 🙂

Go get that Glow,

The Glowing Chronicle

Disclaimer: I discovered all these channels by myself, unless stated otherwise, and I am not paid in any way to give my feedback. This is my honest opinions. For more information, check out my disclaimer.






  1. outofmythoughts says:

    Lovely post! I too watch a lot of Youtube and love watching JoanKeem lately. I enjoy LookAmazing too and completely agree with her voice. Thanks for the recommendations I haven’t heard of it! 🙂


  2. Olive says:

    Joan Keem is on my top list too! Beautifymeeh (Angel) is such a pretty mom , she often post make up tutorial mostly korean make up and sometimes korean make up haul (I’ve subscribed her since 2years ago) while Wengie posts mostly makeup tutorial/other videos like TMI or Expectation vs reality. Wishtrend TV is quiet good actually , they have an online store too and almost every skincare/makeup they post on the video is korean and the brand is middle-high like Klairs. Hope it helps! 🙂


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