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As promised earlier, here is another review/empty for ladies with sensitive and acne-prone skin. This product has been raved by several bloggers and Youtubers. I was intrigued to try this out, so here is my review on the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence. At the start, I was a bit worried, since this is the first Snail product I ever put on my face, the idea of slimy snail secretion is quite frightening I must say. But trust me, it is all worth it.

Disclaimer: This blog is merely where I share my opinions about product that I have tried. I cannot guarantee what works for me will work for you. So please PATCH TEST all the products if you know you have sensitive skin, or stay away from those that has alcohol and strong fragrance if you cannot stand those.

This product is possibly the most well-known among all Benton products. As Benton promises natural, no fragrance, no nonsense ingredients, I was very excited to try this. However, they did have a contamination scandal maybe 2 years back, which I did not know when I first use this product. But my bottle essence was clean, nice and neat, I would not hesitate to try and review this essence.


This product contains 90% snail filtrate. The product applies 8-free technology: no paraben, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no chemical preservatives, no benzonphenon, no steroids, no artificial fragrance/coloring. It is good for troubled skin, strengthen skin moisture barrier, skin restoration, dead skin cell control and anti-wrinkle.


A simple packaging. Straightforward. It seems like it is a serious solution in skincare treatment. The product came in a handy pump bottle, which I appreciate, instead of those products that you really need to shake for essence to come out, or put your hand in the tub to take the product.

Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO

The handy pump


The product has no strong smell, but there is this slight artificial smell that I cannot seem to describe properly. Fade away very quickly though.

How to use?

I use this as my essence step, after my toner, acid treatment, then this, followed by serum. 1 -2 pumps is enough to cover the entire face. The pump however does not help much when I almost finished the product, as you really need to pump a lot to get the essence out at the end.


It came out as a gel, hit your skin, instantly melt away as a liquid, absorb like nothing into skin.


I use this together with the Benton Snail Steam Cream, but that cream was way to thick and broke me out, so I stopped using both for a while. When I slowly introduced this back into my skin care, I realize it actually has very good effect. My skin heals faster, moisture is retained better, and it leaves my skin soft and refreshed. On days that I do not use this, I instantly see the difference. Also, since this absorbs so damn well, I really enjoy using it, both night time and day time.

Rating: 4/5

  1. This item should be banned (may cause irritation)
  2. This item is not doing its job well
  3. Meh! A passable product
  4. Pretty good! Will consider repurchase
  5. I love this and cannot live without it


I will some time in the future. Though I love this a lot, and my heart died a little bit when this product ran out, it is the first snail product I tried, hence I have nothing to compare to. I am currently testing out the COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (96% Snail Filtrate), I will update a comparison for you guys in the future, as snail essence seems to work well on my skin.

Where to get it?

I believe you can get this from Beautynet korea (12.79 USD)

I got mine here on beautynet korea Q0oo10 account (affiliated link) (10.80 USD)

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Disclaimer: I bought all of these items by myself, unless stated otherwise, and I am not paid in any way to give my feedback. This is my honest opinions for the products. For more information, check out my disclaimer.


  1. outofmythoughts says:

    I really enjoy your reviews. They are always so informative. I have been using the Benton Lotion for a while and I love it as well. This essence seems less sticky. Might have to think about looking into it. 🙂


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